Francis McIlveen – Principal

For nearly 20 years, I worked at the Northern California Land Trust in multiple capacities:  handling various real estate transactions— from helping low-income families buy and sell CLT homes, to acquisition & development of new projects (including financing & subsidies), to handling donations of property.  I continue to serve as the Real Estate Broker for NCLT’s Community Realty.

I have overseen almost all aspects of the acquisition & rehab process for NCLT’s anti-displacement projects, including providing technical assistance and training to housing coops and homeowner’s associations.  I have also provided technical assistance & coaching to emerging CLTs, and continue this work as an independent consultant.

Over the prior several years, I also effectively worked as co-director at NCLT, handling various organizational and fiduciary responsibilities (such as reviewing, negotiating & executing various contracts, financial instruments & similar obligations; participating in the annual audit process; and handling various director level organizational needs).

I have worked, and continue to work, as an advocate to further the mission of Community Land Trusts in the realms of local & state legislation, the institutional finance world, and regulatory and public policy—typically under the auspices of the Bay Area Consortium of Community Land Trusts, and the California Community Land Trust Network (of which I was an incorporating board member).

Prior to my work in the CLT world, I taught ceramics, and worked in disability benefits advocacy for unhoused people with mental disabilities.

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