Technical Assistance/Coaching

We work with emerging and established Community Land Trusts (and related non-profits and co-ops) needing a boost in evaluating potential land-based projects, such as drafting and refining feasibility analyses, assessing potential capital stack, identifying potential pitfalls and development issues.  We also help identify the initial steps in getting ready for acquisition & pre-development project planning.

Coaching and guidance for property donation issues for Community Land Trusts and similar models.

CLT organizational issues, such as business planning, staffing projections/needs, sustainability considerations, and partnership models.

Better working finance/funding programs

We work with funders and lenders on ways to improve suitability of their products and programs for small site, anti-displacement acquisition/rehab projects (aka preservation projects), with the goal of getting funds deployed more quickly, more accurately, and with higher impact.

Converting BMR (Below-Market-Rate) units to Permanent Affordability

We work with agencies seeking to craft and implement strategies for converting BMR housing stock to permanent affordability and securing long-term stewardship methods.

Project consultation

We provide focused project consultation for: 

  • Co-ops, condos, TICs, leasing coops, LLC ‘bridge’ structures

  • Assessing the feasibility of potential new projects

  • Assembling financing & subsidy needed for new projects

  • Plotting a plan—or process—for navigating acquisition & starting development/rehab

  • Special considerations for co-op conversions, small site (non-LIHTC) projects, rehab of occupied properties, community driven projects

  • Special considerations for CLT ownership models

Preservation & Anti-displacement

We help organizations and/or agencies looking to establish a pipeline for anti-displacement and foreclosure prevention projects within their jurisdictions, or as part of a coordinated regional strategy.